Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Maybe we should have watched High Fidelity instead

Ever wondered how my mind works? Let me take you on a little journey through my thought process.

Start by watching one of my all-time favorite movies, Almost Famous, with your honey on Valentine's Day. Now that you've been reminded of how awesome the music in the movie is, crank the soundtrack and listen to it all day long the following day.

Find yourself zoning out over track 5, the Beach Boys' "Feel Flows." Notice how the guitar riff in the song sounds exactly like the guitar in Madonna's "Swim" on her 1998 album Ray of Light.

Toggle between the two on your iPod--confirm that it is, in fact, the exact same note sequence.

Google all variations of Madonna, Swim, Beach Boys, Feel Flows, etc. to find the individual track credits on Ray of Light and see if the Beach Boys were credited. Note that Madonna's official website says the words AND music on Swim were written by Madonna and William Orbit. Google some more to see if someone else has noticed your discovery.

Find nothing. Realize you've wasted a good solid 45 minutes on pointless, albeit mildly interesting, research. Get back to work.

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biondetta said...

This sounds strangely familiar, except I went through the process with a bass line in an Age Pryor song, which I discovered was very similar (almost identical) to a bass line in a Peter Gabriel-era Genesis song. Except rather than Google to see if anyone else had noticed, I simply sent Age Pryor an e-mail asking him. It turns out it was just one of those random coincidences, since he'd never heard the Genesis song before. Still, handy to be able to get your answer directly from the source! ;)