Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Total badass and totally huggable

Okay, so I was watching last week's Daily Show featuring action star Vin Diesel last night (TiVO!), and here's all I have to say.

Vin? Come out. Seriously. It's obvious to anyone with a halfway functioning Gaydar (and mine's way off with all the prissy straight bitches in LA) that you are gay.

Here's what's also obvious: you are DARLING. Oh, yes, you are. You big bad action star, you. Total badass and totally huggable. Come on out, honey, and CALL ME. Because I know all kinds of cute boys who would dig a nice butch beefcake like yourself, plus we could totally go dancing and dish about how pretty and dumb Paul Walker is.


1 comment:

Kate said...

DUDE!!! I thought the exact same thing. When he's not putting on the super, low, gravely action star voice he sounds like he should be selling me my white-tea moisturizer with the fruit enzyme exfoliant. Also, the complete lack of body hair is a dead giveaway.